Status: Planning

jEmote is an open source project which has been started by Porfírio Ribeiro & Dean Williams, it's goal is to provide a great emoticon creation tool which will enable you to create fantastic emoticon's for your forums, chat rooms, blogs, web sites, and even your *messenger. It will also run on run on several operating systems thanks to Java.
*That support the ability to add emoticons, such as mercury messenger, msn messenger, wlm messenger, etc.

Where can i get jEmote?
jEmote is currently under development and there are no compiled versions at this time, however we would appreciate any help you may be able to provide us during this development stage, you do not need to be a programmer to help us!

How can I help & what's in it for me?
Since jEmote is an open source project you will not benefit financially, but think for a moment, you will be helping a great project which will help thousands if not millions of other people around the world... Isn't that beneficial in its self?

We would really appreciate any help you may be able to provide, because the project is in it's early stages we have not thought up of a detailed list of needs, in fact our one and only requirement at the moment is graphical "parts" for the emoticon's. If you would like to help us create these "parts" then please see the Help Us page. Logo Link to the jEmote project!
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